About us

Babe. Boutique is a collection of clothing and accessories intended to help find the love for fashion. Our founder, Karina Garcia, has always loved to dress up and feel confident in what she is wearing. Her prayer for YOU is that you'll love what you wear while feeling confident, inside and out! 

She can’t be confined to one particular style. She is confident and comfortable in all aspects. She is excited for whatever comes her way, adventurous and free. She expresses herself through her clothing, from girly, sporty, edgy, or boho. She makes a statement through her effortless individuality and creativity while staying comfortable and proving her style is attainable to anyone!

Babe. Boutique is dedicated to serving our customers the best that we can by providing styled trends and versatile pieces. We intentionally offer a variety of styles for our ever-changing and always-evolving girl. We purchase in limited quantities to ensure that you receive unique pieces each and every time you shop with us.

Naming my boutique Babe. was very simple. I named it Babe. because i want anyone & everyone to feel welcome. Whether you are a BOSS BABE, MOMMA BABE, COMFY BABE, EDGY BABE, CLASSIC BABE, DRESSY BABE, VINTAGE BABE, all of the above type of BABE. I also put the . at the end of Babe. because that means there is no more to be said on the subject. We are a Babe (period).


About Karina

After receiving a degree in cosmetology Karina still felt a void in not doing something with clothing. She realized that she could create something greater than just making people feel confident with their hair, but also help them feel confident in what they wear.  She began to pursue a dream God placed in her heart to share what she loves through an online boutique. Each piece is hand-picked by Karina, with you in mind, to bring a personal, boutique-touch to online shopping. Babe. Boutique opened its virtual doors in 2019.